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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What To Pack - And I Don't Mean Clothes

I'm heading off to RT for the first time (yes, I'm a virgin, insert inappropriate joke here). My wardrobe is going to consist mainly of khakis, cotton tops, sundresses, and bathing suits. I'm not planning to attend any costume balls (although I very much look forward to seeing those who do) so that makes life easy.

What's not so easy is choosing which of the many books on my currently-reading pile to bring. I've gotten into a bad habit of starting more than one book at a time, which means it feels like I never finish anything. Check out my GoodReads box at the bottom of the page. According to that, I'm reading like nine things right now! And when I look at it? There aren't really any I'm willing to take off the list. So what do I bring to RT? Especially knowing I'll be picking up books there!

Beyond Heaving Bosoms is on my Kindle (shut up, I preordered it before #amazonfail) so I think that's definitely coming. I've got a couple of manuscripts from friends to read, also on Kindle, and the newest Suzanne Brockmann. What else? I'm thinking Talk Me Down by Victoria Dahl, maybe Flat Out Sexy by Erin McCarthy. And my cooking magazines: Gourmet, Saveur, Food & Wine, and Cook's Illustrated. That should cover me on my travels, right?

I should mention I have a pathological fear of being caught in some horrible travel snafu, like being stuck on a runway for three hours, and not having enough to read. I'd much rather overpack. What about you? Do you go for the mindless entertainment of People magazine and Us Weekly? The latest novel you've been meaning to try or the periodical you try to get through every quarter? Or do you like to sleep or listen to music. Share your travel strategies.


I have a hard time picking what to take along and I end up buying trash rags at the airport. When I used to travel a lot, I would bring several paperbacks (as if I'd actually read them!) and realized it's just taking up space. When I'm actually on the plane, all I want to do is skim fashion magazines! I'm sure you'll choose wisely. Have fun at RT!!!!

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