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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Romantic Times!

Out of the blue, so fast I hardly know what's happening, I'm going to the Romantic Times BookLover's Convention! It's next week, I hadn't planned to, but there's just so much cool stuff going on that I couldn't resist. I RSVP'd to some parties, booked some tickets, begged a room, and burned a hole in my credit card shopping online. I'm as giddy as a kid going to Disney World! Which is appropriate, since RT is in Orlando this year. Yes, in classic Louisa fashion, I'm heading for sunny Florida just when the weather in Ohio turns gorgeous and springy. Why can't RT be in January? But I know you don't all want to hear about the weather. You want to know what I bought!

My favorite is probably this Grecian goddess-inspired dress from J.Crew. I got it in bright green! It will be perfect for Deidre Knight's fabulous Gods of Midnight party at midnight on Thursday, which I'm assured will be full of exciting surprises. Let's hope the dress fits! Also from J.Crew (what can I say, I needed casual cotton pants and these dresses jumped into my virtual shopping cart!) is this cute little silvery gray silk chiffon number that could dress up or down, depending on accessories and shoes.

And speaking of shoes, my partners in crime Kristen Painter and Melissa Francis convinced me I needed these. They're a little outside my comfort zone but I'm excited to try them. Must remember to schedule pedicure for early next week...



Awesome news! I would wear those shoes with that silver dress. At least from the pics, they look like they would go.

Oh, I am so jealous!!!! Post lots of stuff while you're there so I can be even more jealous. One of these years I'll get to RT.

Maureen, I wish you were coming! Maybe I'll Tweet the unconference side of things. No workshops, but I'll be staking out the bar pretty good.

I have never bought a thing from J Crew but I like both of those dresses! off to investigate site

I was supposed to go...but can't so have fun for me! I almost bought a similar gown to the Grecian one you's lovely! :)

Take lots of pics and be sure to party like a Rock Star!

ooh - I luuurve Jcrew. so purty. are the shoes camo? I can picture them with some cute white capri's and a pink tank.

Anyway - have FUN!

Love all your choices. You'll look fabulous! Have fun and make sure to take some photos. I've never been to RT, but I head it's a blast.

everything you posted is full of win.

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