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Friday, April 17, 2009

Current Obsessions

Music: The Bravery, a neo-punk band that started in New York and has recently plunged into the mainstream with hits like Believe and Unconditional. A little punky, a little poppy, a whole lot of fun.

TV: No surprise to anyone who follows me on Twitter, but I'm obsessed right now with America's Next Top Model. I admit, I used to mock my sister for watching it, but it's strangely compelling and undeniably addictive. In the last few weeks, I've watched multiple cycles on iTunes; it's the best show I've ever found to watch while working out!

Food: I recently started making smoothies again. Greek yogurt (I prefer Fage 2% or 0%), frozen berries or peaches or a combo, milk or soymilk, a dash of strawberry mint or mixed mint syrup from June Taylor Jams, and you've got the world's most perfect breakfast!

Books: Contemporary romance. It's strange, but since I started writing it, I've stopped reading it. Maybe out of fear of losing my own voice? I don't know but I've decided it was a dumb move. Thanks to the Save the Contemporary campaign, I know exactly what's hot and happening in the subgenre right now. Just finished Hot Property by Carly Phillips. Next up: Talk Me Down by Victoria Dahl.

Interwebs: I guess I have to say Twitter. It's such a fun way to interact with people! Interesting discussions and links are posted daily; I feel like it keeps me current with what's happening in publishing, with my friends, and in the food world. Here's hoping Oprah jumping on the bandwagon doesn't crash the system!

What are your obsessions? Tempt me and my addictive personality...


My personal and not always fun obsession at the moment is writing. When this book is done, I'll finally have time for a truly fun obsession, like shopping. Or spa time.

I'm currently obsessed with Aquafina Hydrating lip Oil.
YES - the water people now make lip goo!
And I read talk me down last week, FANTASTIC READ! I blogged about it today too.

I've always been obsessed with reality TV. The Not so real Housewives. I can't wait for the NJ girls. I'll be going nuts over them I think. I'm becoming obsessed with Twitter. So sad.

My current obsession (apart from writing) is watching all the back seasons of Supernatural. I seriously love watching the man candy :)

My current obsession is Twitter. Unfortunately it should be writing my book proposal. :-(

Thank you, Louisa! Hope you like it!!!

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