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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Louisa Takes Manhattan

I'm feeling very Miss Piggy today, swanning around NYC! I'm particularly glad to be here because it means I'm no longer on the plane. It takes quite a bit to rattle me while flying, but today Continental surpassed all expectations and managed to find every pocket of rough air between Cleveland-Hopkins and La Guardia. I white-knuckled the 90 minute flight and got off the plane feeling like a Bond martini.

Which got me thinking--that whole shaken, not stirred thing? Is totally 007 asking for a weak martini. Anyone who's ever used a cocktail shaker knows that the whole process of shaking liquor with ice cubes waters the drink down like nobody's business. A gin martini should be stirred to avoid "bruising" the gin, which I'll cop to not really getting. I'd never consent to a blind taste testing between bruised and unbruised gin. But between a shaken and a stirred martini? I bet I could pick it out blindfolded. So James, here's to you. If you were a real man, you'd reverse that famous line. And you wouldn't ask for vodka, either, which has no place in a real martini.

Yes, I'm feeling uppity today--I'm psyching myself up for my visit to Pegu Club tonight! Best cocktails in the city. Possibly in the world. Pretty, too. Below is a cocktail special from a previous visit. I think it was apple flavored, but I couldn't swear to it. : )


With all that swanning around, you'd better get some writing done, missy, or drinks will be the last thing you're worried about. That's right, I crack the whip from a distance too.

Enjoy NYC! And I share your taste in martinis. :-)

Swanning around, what awesome words. I must use it. Man, wish I were there having drinks with you. With everything I've been going through lately, I need a few. Have a great time you--jetsetter--you. :)

Hey - I didn't know you were in my neck of the woods. Hope you have an awesomely swanning time in the big apple!

If you've got any free time give me a call. I'd love to catch up and get a martini or two.

You're here!!! Call me. Let's have unseasonably early-in-day cocktails!

Hope you have a fun time!

I wish I'd had time to see everyone I wanted to see, but this was the fastest trip ever. In one day, out the next, just finalizing book launch party details. I pretty much saw my editor, my agent, and my party planner, and that's it! But I'll be back in May...

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