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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kindle 2: One For Me and One For You

My new Kindle 2 arrived last night, and this morning it's all charged up and ready to go. I'm going to have a seriously hard time concentrating on anything today other than all the books I want to buy! I'm already adding my stats to the study that found people who own ereaders don't purchase fewer print books--they purchase more books total, because they buy more ebooks AND more print books. I just Whispernetted Dark of Night by Suzanne Brockmann, which I totally already own in hardcover, because I think I'll enjoy reading it more on the smaller, lighter Kindle.

I got the Kindle 2 because, let's face it, I cannot resist hype. Also, I hate it when Stinger owns some cool gadget and I don't. Marriage is an equal partnership, people--he doesn't get to have anything I don't have. I even caused myself incalculable trouble and annoyance by insisting on officially and legally keeping all of my names after we were married (Mary Louisa Edwards White for those of you who are studying up for the soon-to-be-released trivia game) simply because Stinger has four names. It was a huge mistake--they don't even all fit on my driver's license.

The other, less psycho-sounding reason is my brilliant plan to launch my first ever author website (which is almost finished and looking gorgeous!) with a contest to win a brand new Kindle 2! And I wanted to know how the thing worked before giving one away. Won't that be a fun contest, though? You'd all enter, right? And tell your friends?


Congrats on your Kindle. Yep I sure will enter. Fun.

I don't want to tell my friends. I'd rather keep the odds down. LOL

Okay, fine, I'll tell my friends. You'll be the first to know.

Don't ask me how many books I've already downloaded. It's SICK. The Kindle makes it so easy, it's hard to remember you're spending real money.

I'm so going to win! I'm also going to spread the word when your website is up. Can't wait to see it!!!!

It looks so pretty! I can't wait to hear how you like it.

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