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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back to Work

The 2009 Romantic Times convention was a ton of fun, even taking into account the insanely inadequate hotel--it was like being at college again, in a dorm that was inconveniently located way far away from all my classes and the dining hall. Despite the difficulties of traipsing half a mile in killer heels and sweaty weather, I had a good time making new friends and catching up with old ones. All the parties I made it to were fabulous; I now want to start a local bunco chapter and buy a pair of gladiator sandals.

I came home Sunday to gorgeous Ohio weather--spring had finally sprung! All the trees exploded into bloom while I was gone, and Stinger and I spent the afternoon on the deck drinking my new favorite thing, Wyder's Dry Peach Cider. It tastes exactly like you want peach cider to taste, and was a perfect way to usher in the sunshine. I'm especially glad we took the time to enjoy it, because today Ohio is back to its chilly ways. Although, since I'm on a strict writing schedule for the next month, I have to say that today's weather really suits my goals. I love to be cuddled up in my office with my characters when it's rainy and gray outside. Right now I've got my windows open so I can hear the constant patter of the drops on my roof. I'm in the perfect frame of mind to rock out ten pages!

What's your favorite writing weather?


You can so ROCK OUT 10 pages! I am taking a quick break to say HELLO from Starbucks. My goal is 10 pages on my short novella but I'm hoping for more! Time to kick some writing butt!!! It's chilly in here so I hope I don't freeze over...le sigh.

Mmmm...peach cider sounds so good! Rainy is good for writing. Makes me less likely to lay by the pool.

I agree, rainy is perfect writing weather!

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