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Monday, April 20, 2009

RT 2009 - The Parties

My nails are candy pink, my hair is freshly highlighted, and by this time tomorrow, my skin will be glowing with a healthy faux tan. I must be on my way to the Romantic Times Convention in Orlando! Here's a look at the two parties I'm most excited about:
The Game that's sweeping the nation! A toss of the dice may bring you luck as you roll for prizes and enjoy refreshments, fun, and friends! 
Prizes for High Bunco, Bunco Barbie, Bunco Bar Fly, Bunco Nazi... You get the drift, what happens at Bunco stays at Bunco. Come join us for the parlor game that has a long and "dicey" history...

Hosted by: Maria Geraci
Thursday, April 23, 2009
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM


Everybody who's anybody is going to be at Deidre Knight's GODS OF MIDNIGHT PARTY. When is it taking place? At midnight of course! Duh! So if you've made plans to jet down to Orlando in April, make sure to put Deidre Knight's party on your must-do itinerary for Thursday night! I've heard there will be games, party favors, and a special appearance by some extremely hot cover models. So lace on your sandals and tie on your togas and head for the Citrus Ballrooms at midnight on Thursday, April 23rd!


Pink nails, fresh highlights and a faux tan? I've taught you well, grasshopper.

I know. I'm going to look like your Mini Me.

Oh gawd...I'm so jealous of you all wah!

Could I be more jealous?????

Have a great time.

You are SO freaking cool for blogging the pahtay! Now I'm wanting to bring my shield. Should I bring my shield? Anyone game for using it in some manner? Maybe like as a sit and spin with a cover model?

That sounds sooooo dirty. And fun! Bring it!

I'm so jealous! I could have still made it to Florida but I decided that sleeping on the streets was not an option. LOL

Have a great time for me! :)

Love the picture of the dice! Thanks for pimping my party. It was a blast, wasn't it?

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