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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Idea

I'm working on a new story idea, to keep my creative juices flowing (why does that sound so dirty?) while I simultaneously revise my previous novel. The new story is lots of fun, and incorporates several issues/scenarios that I currently feel passionate about. I'm not quite ready to share the details, but that's not going to stop me from pumping all of you for ideas.

First off, there's a secondary character who fronts a punk band that plays in small clubs and bars in downtown New York. His name is Frankie Boyd, and he's exactly what you think--brash, rough-around-the-edges, unapologetic, iconoclastic, and smoking hot. If you're interested, this is the image I'm going off of--well, one of many. This guy has just the look I want, sort of broodydangerouswild, with a lean, wiry physique and something slightly bruised/hurt looking around the eyes.

What I want to pick your brains on is the name of his band. Think punk, people. The Sex Pistols, The Buzzcocks, The Modern Lovers, The Stooges, The Dead Boys--these are the bands Frankie grew up listening to. So what would he name his band?


If you wanna be in Mark's good graces forever, you could call them Fishdogs. Or something to do with Goats. he likes goats.

I thought my rack was a one-way ticket to Fishdog's good graces. You're saying now I have to perform? Uncool.

Justin Theroux! I can never decide if I find him hot or not.

Black Velvet. I feel like it must be taken, but I like it.

I know! He's got a strange look, but compelling. Especially for this character, who's edgier than a traditional hero type.

Black Velvet is good! A little similar to Velvet Revolver and Velvet Underground.

ooooo, fun. But I suck at stuff like that.

I do like Fishdogs as a suggestion though. or Fishing for Dogs

Bar Code
Warm Fuzzies
The Vandalays (as in Art Vandalay)
Smack Daddies
Sex Machete
Meat Rifle
Belt Sander
Harlot's Web
Little Chickens
Brain Freeze
Money Bone
Vending Machine
Candy Hose
OPC (Oprah's Book Club)

I could probably come up with more.

Kristen! You're amazing. I think Harlot's Web is my favorite, although a little girl punk. When I start my punk band, that's totally what I'm going to call it.

Meat Rifle, on the other hand, makes me feel slightly ill.

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