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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Religion ala Eddie Izzard

After sitting through an inordinately long sermon this morning (our regular priest was absent, and had saddled us with a cruelly slow-talking replacement), and a hymn that completely defeated me with its lack of discernible tune and rhyme scheme, I was feeling the need for a little light-hearted heresy.

So I give you Eddie Izzard, executive transvestite, and all-around hysterical British standup comic. His thoughts on religion, and specifically the origin of the Anglican church (and therefore of my little Episcopal church) seemed apt for today.

It's a longish clip, but guaranteed to make you laugh. Unless you're easily offended, or utterly lacking a sense of humor. If that's the case--you should probably just stop reading my blog entirely.


He is rather amusing, isn't he? Might want to rethink the blue eyeshadow tho. Not sure it sends the right message. Hah!

Hi Louise,

Thanks for dropping by my blog and visiting me. Glad you enjoyed the name of Petranella. Your website is great as is your blog. Come visit again anytime.

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