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Monday, February 4, 2008

Go Giants!

Have to give a quick champagne toast to Eli and the boys for their fierce, tenacious play last night. I didn't honestly think they had much of a shot, and nobody else really did, either, but they surprised us all! The Giants are my fave of all the NY teams (and not just because I find baseball deadly dull, and the Yankees poisonously arrogant) so I was rooting for them anyway, but I didn't hold out much hope. The whole game was hard fought, and the final 3 minutes had me out of my chair and screaming myself hoarse, and that is the way a damn Superbowl ought to be played!

Also, quick note on Eli Manning: last night was his coming out party. Eli, sugar: After last night, no one can say you knuckled under, or that you're only a name in football because of, well, your last name. You sucked it up and let the pressure drive you, and proved yourself to everyone. Also, you're cuter than I ever realized, especially when contrasted with Peyton, who, God love him, is kind of a goofy-looking dude, even if he is one of the greatest football players alive.



Peyton is way cuter in person. Trust me. LOL

That sounds like an excellent story. When did you see Peyton Manning in person???

I love that it took a Super Bowl to get you to blog. Well, whatever. I'll take it.

I'm so confused. But I like your new pic!

You know, you're right - he is pretty good looking. Although there is something about Peyton's goofiness that's kind of endearing.

Okay, this was too weird, but my word verification was a couple of mixed up letters and then NYG

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