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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Oh, Happy Day!

It's a red letter day (where the hell does that expression come from, anyway) in my little circle--the lovely and talented Ms. Maria Geraci, one of my fabulous critique partners, has sold her first novel! The Church of Bunco was bought by the discerning editors at Berkley, who are to be commended for their recognition of Maria's fabulousness. It's a wonderful book, about a group of women friends in Florida, who get together to play bunco (it's a game with betting and dice and margaritas, in case you, like me, have never heard of it before) and talk about their romantic travails. The main character meets and falls for one of the single hottest guys I've ever encountered in a romance novel--and believe me, I've met some scorchers. A read not to be missed, and you can be sure I'll be keeping you updated as to pub dates and special appearances by Maria as things progress.

Until then, all I can say is, with both my critique partners happily married into fantastic publishing houses, it better be my turn next! Hmmm, guess I should get to work, then, huh?


You and the lovely Ms. Painter are next! 2k8 is going to be a stellar year for our little circle...

And YAY for Maria! I still get all choked up when I remember her voice crack when she said..."Mel, I sold my book!"

I am so excited for Maria!!! Yippee!

Ah, Louisa, can you be publicist? I LOVE the way you describe my book! And yes, Mel is right. 2k8 is going to be a stellar year for all of us. I can feel it! So get going on revising because the world is desperate for some hot demon sex;)

And thanks, Maureen!

I canNOT wait to read this book!!! When is it coming out?

And WILL sell this year. I predict it!

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