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Saturday, January 5, 2008

I'm back!

It's been a wild couple of weeks. We hunted up a house and moved into it three days before Christmas.

Yes, welcome to another episode of "I Am a Crazy Person".

The last time we moved, two years ago, it was from a rental to a house about a mile away, and I thought, "I don't need no stinking movers. I can do this all myself. No sweat." Wrong. A world of miscalculation. LOTS of sweat. Even though it was the dead of winter, December (again! Will I never learn?), and it snowed on me. I loaded up that diesel-fueled Uhaul all by myself, everything I could carry (and some stuff I really probably shouldn't have) and it was just about the worst day of my life. And then I made Nick swear that we'd never do it that way again.

So this time, even though I had fleeting thoughts of "Oh, maybe it wouldn't be so bad...", Nick cleverly recalled my anguish during the last move, and forced me to hire movers. They came in and packed us up and moved us in a matter of hours, and now it's just about the unpacking. Which is kind of satisfying, actually. I've got to buy some new furniture and figure out curtains and get my washer and dryer switched around so they're on the right side of each other, but for the most part, we're done. And we even managed to have Christmas! We put up the tree on Christmas Eve, and I roasted a goose on Christmas Day. My parents and sister were there to celebrate with us, and it was like putting my nesting instincts on hyperdrive. Usually it takes me a little while to settle into a new place, but this house feels like home already. Even without any curtains.

We're in Palm Springs right now, visiting the honey's family, and I'm required at dinner (Arnold Palmer's restaurant, supposedly home of the best French dip sandwich in the world), so I'll sign off. But you'll all be thrilled to know that one of my New Year's resolutions is to blog more regularly.


Congratulations! Sounds like you had an extremely eventful holiday season, but it's kind of cool that you're starting the new year in a new house. Enjoy! And good luck with the curtains and stuff. :)

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