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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Word of the Day


Sooo descriptive. And fun to say! You can really wrap your tongue around it and enjoy the process of spitting it out. All the things it's usually applied to are fun, as well: filthy rich, filthy mouth, filthy joke...

If I were Queen of the Universe, I'd make it a law that everyone had to use the word 'filthy' in a sentence at least once a day. Bonus points for a good, filthy joke. So come on, indulge my Q. of the U. fantasy and tell me something naughty!


wait--you're not queen of the universe? Then why do I light candles at your altar in my bedroom every night?

*swoon* Mel, YOU are the queen of MY universe.

My joke is so filthy that I can't post it online. Will have to save it for the next time we're together ;)

I write romance and I don't know one dirty joke. Hmmm...that's pretty sad.

Boy, Maria and Emma, you need to get together! M, go post your filth on Emma's blog, she needs it!

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