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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Obligatory Oscar Post

Okay, so I didn't watch the Oscars. I didn't really know they were happening (first they weren't, then they were, then I didn't care) and no one in Ohio seems to get as excited about them as people in New York did. My college friends threw Oscar parties! My office had a highly competitive Oscar pool. Here? Not so much.

Besides which, I've seen very few movies this year. Loved Juno, was bored/confused/disappointed by Michael Clayton, although not by the acting, which was top notch, so Tilda Swinton definitely deserved that statuette. Other than that? I guess, Ratatouille? Which was adorable. I don't even know. Like I said, didn't watch.

What I DID make sure to tune in for was the Fug Girls' coverage of the red carpet fashions. And since I'm fighting a cold, and not as funny as those girls on my best and brightest day, I'm cheating on my Oscar post and linking to their site.

Enjoy! If you like making fun of celebrities and the wacky-doodle things they wear in public, you'll love this.


Um, hello? Falling Slowly from Once? Such a deserved win; so much better than the usual dreg that wins for Best Song. And I just love, love, love Daniel Day-Lewis. Love him.

And Marion Cotillard's speech was fantastic - it's so nice to see someone so clearly over-the-top thrilled to be there and to win.

Yeah, I stopped caring about Best Song when Dolly got effing ROBBED that year she did Traveling Through. That was a TRAVESTY.

I'll have to check out the site. I didn't watch either, so I've been curious about the clothes :)

Thanks for posting that site!

I love, love, love the Fug girls. And for the record, Marion Cotillard's dress was TEH BOMB.

Delicious. I'm mad for it.

She DID look like a hot fish woman, though, right? Very mermaidy.

Totally mermaidy - sort of a wink at the mermaid style that is fricking ubiquitous these days. I loved it, too - Kristen has excellent taste (in that it is similar to mine ;-)).

As for Dolly Parton - EXACTLY. She was robbed. Wasn't that the year that "Hard Out Here For A Pimp" won? Unreal. They have now redeemed themselves by rejecting Disney in favor of independent musicians. Woohoo!

Amazingly enough I did see the Oscars. Surprising since I never did in the past. Hahaha! More surprising is the fact that I found it entertaining.

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