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Friday, February 22, 2008

It's Snowing...AGAIN

I used to love the snow. Growing up in Virginia, we didn't get a lot of it; just enough to remind me every winter of how much fun it was. Snow angels, and snowmen, and snow ice cream, and sledding! And of course, school getting canceled, because at the first pretty, fluttering flake, the city officials would promptly lose their shit and cancel everything. The entire citizenry would rush en masse to the grocery stores to stock up on toilet paper, bread, and milk, and just generally act like it was the End Times. All this, for three inches or so of snow. But, of course, it was because it was unusual, and the city didn't really have the equipment to deal with it, and people weren't used to driving in it, and they caused lots of accidents, and so it became a big mess.

That's not the case here in Ohio. The city has hundreds of snow plows; heck, my neighbors have snow plows. No one lets the weather keep them indoors, and there's no general panic over driving on icy, slushy roads. (I still panic, a little, but Nick mocks me for it, so I try to keep it all inside.) You'd think all of this would make the experience of snow even better, but really--it's just an enormous p. in the a. It's really sad. When did snow stop being fun? More to the point, when did I turn into a grumpy old lady? See, at least in Virginia, you could use the snow as an excuse to stay in, throw on your jammies and make a fire and read all day. But here, people expect you to honor your commitments and head out into the storm, like it's nothing! Uncool.

So I'm still on the hook for baking cookies today to take to the Chamber of Commerce Business Show tomorrow, where I'll work the booth from noon to 2:00 for the Jaycees. I was thinking M&M cookies, but now that I'm feeling so sulky and put upon, they'll be lucky if they get oatmeal raisin.

Picture me pouting.


I'm getting sick of winter.

In Toronto, we don't get huge amounts of snow, normally. In spite of what most Americans assume. Yes, we normally get 2 or 3 big storms a year. But then it melts. Not this year. Crazy snow banks everywhere. I've lived in cities, (Ottawa, Montreal) where they cope with snow like that really well, but in TO everyone parks on the street, so the plows can't get down and the banks can't get taken away, and the city gets pretty clogged up.

So, over winter. So last season for me, at this point. I need a vacation.

A vacation someplace warm, like the Mediterranean! My coworker says Aruba, but that seems so 80's to me.

I hear that.

One of my winter pet peeves is that people who live in the burbs (who can get to the office with minimal outdoor time) never come in when there's a teeny tiny amount of snow on the ground, but Manhattanites, who have to slog through up to half a mile of slush and ice to get to the office, are expected to show.

At least I got to wear jeans on Friday.

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