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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Lonely Road

Writing is a solitary job. We sit at our desks and plunk away at the keyboard, and if we're lucky, the characters we're writing about will come alive enough to make us feel like we're getting some human interaction! But even with that, sometimes you just need a real live person.

I've been fortunate enough to meet lots of wonderful, funny, smart women during the course of my journey to publication. From my fabulous agent, Deidre Knight, to my first critique partners, Mel Francis and Maria Geraci, and beta readers like Kate Pearce and Nicole Montreuil. All of them have helped and supported me in too many ways to mention here. But lately, some of the best, brightest, and most vital support has come from my near-daily emails with two very special people: Kristen Painter and Roxanne St. Claire.

We talk, we laugh, we gossip (what? Moi? Never!), and above all, we provide each other with a safe, open, warm-hearted place to seek advice and encouragement. No one on the planet gets me giggling like Kristen, or kicks my butt harder when I need it. If I were 100% honest, every one of my books should be dedicated to her. And Rocki! She's quite possibly one of the savviest women I've ever met--and the most generous with her advice. She's never steered me wrong, and I know she never will because Rocki is a true friend. When she gives me her opinion, I know without a shadow of a doubt that it comes from a place of honesty, integrity, and caring. I would really, really like to be Rocki when I grow up.

On days when I can't remember why I wanted to be a writer, and can't imagine what my editor ever saw in me, Rocki and Kristen are there. And all I can think is: I'm so proud to call these women my friends.

Thanks, guys! I love you both.


Your check is in the mail.

See what I mean with the giggling?

I don't know Roxanne very well (just that time at DC Nationals when she told me about ripping her spanx off), but I agree about Kristen. While I don't have near daily emails,we are in contact pretty often and she's always been wonderful and supportive. I love her.

And good for you for having such wonderful, warm and intelligent ladies around you. What you sew, so shall you reap!

you need that support-otherwise we all think we suck big time-well I think I suck anyway LOL

Liza Jane, you sweet thing. I am crying with joy, kind of like I did when I ripped my spanx off at the HQ party (thanks for being there for me, MG).

When I count the things I love best about writing, you're right there at the top, with shower wine and bed beer.

PS How many pages did you write today?? Report in, Missy. I rocked 15! Woohoo!

I am quite partial to Ms. Painter myself.

(I don't know Roxanne very well, but she keeps good company.)

Hi Louisa :)
Thanks for sharing such a warm personal post. I have come to value Kristen & Roxanne & yourself via Twitter. You are all amazing women!
Love & Best Wishes,

Writing IS such a solitary thing. Without our friends, we'd be weirdo hermits, wouldn't we? Nice post, Louisa!

Instead, we're just weirdos.

beautiful post, LuLu. Kitteh and Rocki are amazing women and I feel lucky to know them and call them friends as well.

being social people like we are, writing is a really difficult job b/c of its solitary nature. It's important to have people that you can rely on and trust in this business.

MG - To know about Rocki's spanx is to love her, right?

Kate - If you really think that, you're the only one. You rock!

Rocki - Here's to shower wine and bed beer! Can't wait for Nashville.

Gwen - If you like Kristen, you'll like Rocki. It's the transitive property of friendship.

RKCharron - You are one of my favorite Twitter/blog peeps! Isn't the internet grand?

Maria - The upside is, I haven't washed my hair in two days and no one cares! Well, maybe my husband.

Mel - It's definitely important to be there for each other!

Lovely post ;-). Friends are the only family you get to chose, you're so right to treat them well ;-).

What a sweet post! I rely so much on writer friends, too. Impossible to stay sane in this crazy business without them.

I couldn't agree more about good friends! They keep you on track & encouraged, headed the right direction, like shepherds. Or those kid-friendly bumpers on a bowling alley. Whichever. :-)

I too think Roxanne is a classy, fabulous lady, with kick-in-your-pants advice.

Glad to find your blog. Your book sounds totally delicious (big G.R. fan here), I'm a debut author, & have some Philly-time banked as well, so we were obviously destined to meet. :-)


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