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Monday, October 5, 2009

Heartbroken in Ohio

We got home last night from our schlep around the country, and this morning woke up to the devastatingly sad news that my favorite, beloved Gourmet magazine is closing its doors after nearly 70 years.

There had been rumors, yes, but I tried not to listen. It was too sad to contemplate! With a history that began in 1940, and one of the food world's brightest lights, Ruth Reichl, at the helm, how could Gourmet ever die?

I don't know what I'm going to do without that thrill of opening the mail every month and seeing a jewel-toned cover depicting fabulous, tempting food. And the articles! I learned more about what's going on in our country today from Gourmet magazine than I do from most newspapers. I can't even bear to think about the recipes. I'm now hoping against hope that the wonderful website will stay operational and vital...but without the magazine's resources, how vital can it be?

What a sad day. I think, in honor of the occasion, I'll bake their featured recipe for the week, spiced applesauce cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting. That *might* make me feel better.


Are you kidding? I love Gourmet and was thinking of starting my subscription again because Bon Appetit has changed and I don't like it anymore.

Plain and simple, it sucks.

I know, I felt like crying, "No, wait, take Bon Appetit instead!" Which is awful, I don't wish them ill, but really? Gourmet is the one that has to go? Still so sad about it.

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