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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Great Costume Debate

I have a Halloween party to go to tomorrow, and have I thought about a costume? Nope. Not even a little. Anyone have any ideas? I'm really just not going to run out and buy anything for it, so I'm looking for things that can be cobbled together out of my closet. I wish all you lovely blog followers could come over and rifle through dresses and shoes with me!

Normally, I love dressing up, but this year I'm feeling so unenergized about it. Which is a little bit deadline sickness, but also I think it's where I live. I'm at the end of a fairly newly developed street without very many houses. I don't expect we'll get many trick-or-treaters. And it just feels like Halloween isn't really happening this year.

Maybe once I get knee-deep in my closet and start sifting through options, maybe I'll get more excited. Wish I had motorcycle boots and could go punk or something! That would be fun. it too late for overnight delivery from


Mess your hair up, wear your bathrobe and slippers, and carry a cup of coffee. You'll be Writer Under A Deadline!

My friend dressed all in black and stuck candy wrappers and trash on himself. He was the floor of a movie theater. LOL!

I WAS going as She-Hulk but circumstances have changed and now I don't want to have green hair for possible plans after the now I'm going as Cliché, the naughty school girl. Heh.

I have a friend who's putting on a denim jumper and gluing 18 babies to the dress and stuffing a pillow under...she's going as Momma Duggar. Or you could just glue 8 babies to yourself and go as OctoMom...

You guys are so creative! My latest idea is to slap on some pearls, a button down shirt, and blue apron, carry a whisk and bowl, and be Julia Child. I have all those things in my house!

I'm digging the Writer Under Deadline idea too, though. Sounds comfy!

I vote either Julia Child or Betty Draper - just wear a blouse, full skirt, and go buy some crinoline at a fabric store to make it stick out!

Meg! If we were together for Halloween, I would TOTALLY be Betty! I just bought a great and very sixties navy dress that looks like something Betty would wear to a party. With less crinoline, but still. Also bought a perfect Joan sweater dress. What is it about the 60's, man? Fun fashion, and it's all coming back. At least, Calvin Klein seems to think so...

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