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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nice Day for a Black and White Wedding

My oldest friend in the world is getting married in two weeks. We met the first day of nursery school, when she comforted me after my mom left, and were inseparable for many years after that. We've kept in touch amazingly well (mostly due to her, she's awesome at that) and now I'm doing a reading at her wedding. (The reading is another blog for another day. I'm supposed to write something about love. To read in front of people. Because I'm such an expert. o_O)

So of course, the age old question--what will I wear? I'm apparently considered part of the bridal party, and will walk down the aisle (aka the cement pathway that leads to her dad's old Virginia farmhouse, where the wedding is taking place) so I must conform to the wedding colors. Which are? Black and white. Bride wearing a gorgeous white dress with a black sash--bridesmaids (and me) wearing little black dresses. Now, my hard and fast wedding rule was Never Wear Black, but as we all know, the bride's wishes supersede all rules, so I dutifully ordered about seven dresses to try. Five were eliminated easily, but the final two are really hard to choose between. Both are flattering on me, both are short and short-sleeves (essential for an outdoor June wedding in Virginia) and both should travel well.

Obviously, I need your help to decide which is more wedding appropriate. One is slightly sexier (read: shows more cleavage) and the other feels slightly less dressy. Here they are:Note: The first dress is not as demure on me as it is on Miss Ironing Board Model up there. But it's not obscene, either.

So what do we think?


I really like the first one, but then I'm all about the v neck. Which one do you think would do the best double duty for RWA Nationals?

I think you often rock the wrap-dress look; it might be fun to mix it up and show off your gams in that second dress!

That black and white will look lovely against the green grass, I think...

My only hard and fast rule is that I don't wear white (or champagne, or cream, or ivory) to a wedding. Ahem.

I'm with Kristen - #1. Just because that would look better on me. I love a V-neck wrap.
And I think it would look rockin with a sweet pair of heels.

Love the first one. It reminds me of a dancers dress but a little more classic. :)

Second one does have a more casual vibe... but that could change with accessories and shoes.

First one very cute.

First one, def.

Thanks for the votes! Which all turn out to be moot, anyway, since the bride herself chimed in. Luckily, she agrees with the majority that #1 is better--on the strict understanding that my cleavage should not look better than hers. We'll just see about that.

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