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Friday, May 1, 2009

The Obligatory Cute Dog Post

Many of you know and love the dog of my heart, Hunter. He's a three-year-old Border Terrier with a sunny disposition and an inordinate love of cuddling. He was unhappy as an only dog, though, so we bought him a pet, Oscar. Oscar is nearly six months old now, also a Border Terrier, and some days pushes me past what I think I can bear. He's a bit of a holy terror. Hunter loves him, though, and very occasionally, they're so sweet together it makes my teeth ache. I took some pictures to try and capture those moments for later, when Oscar's being a bastard again. Yes, my house is a mess. Don't judge me. This last one is of Hunter alone, because he's ludicrously adorable and I can't help myself.


Oh my word. That last photo fills me the urge to squee.

oh my goodness - they are too adorable.

awww and the little tongue peeking out, all belly up... too cute!!

Oh my god! Hunter with his tongue sticking out? My day has been made.

And I'm so glad Hunter finally has someone to be touching ALL THE TIME. He needed that.

Your doggies are adorable! It makes me miss having pets but I refuse to own any until I get a house with a big yard! :)

They are the my boys. Such good company while I'm writing! Except when they tear around the office yapping their heads off.

Those are the cutest pictures ever! Look at them all sweet and loving. Makes me not believe any bad word you say.

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