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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In the Zone

I wrote 50 pages last week, which was great, but afterward my brain felt mushy like overcooked spinach and I ended up slacking off on the page count all weekend. I did a lot of thinking about the book, which is a huge part of my process, but still, when the time came to get my rear back in gear yesterday, I struggled to hit my stride.

Today? That's not an option. I must produce! So I'm heading into the zone (where there is no Twitter, no email, and in fact, no internet) and not coming back out until I have at least ten pages written. If I can get more than that? Great. But ten is the minimum. My plan is to reread and polish the last chapter I wrote to get me back into the story, then surge forward.

How do you get yourself in the writing zone? Music? Images? I'm open to suggestions!

Oh, and one quick thing before I unplug--today is the release day for Maria Geraci's fabulous, fun, sexy debut, Bunco Babes Tell All! This is the quintessential beach read, people. So you're not heading to the beach for a while yet? I know you wish you were there already--and that's what the Bunco Babes of Whispering Bay deliver. Crack this book and you'll be instantly transported to sunny Florida, where Kitty and her friends party, gossip, and fall in love. Mmm, I can smell the salt from the ocean already--or is that from the margaritas?


I already have my Bunco Babes book! I will be reading it by the pool when my edits are done.

Getting into the zone? Same as you - rereading and editing.

Dude, right after I left that comment, I realized that you are now pubbed! CONGRATULATIONS! I knew it would be long because you have such exquisite taste! *wink* I will be the first in line to buy your debut on September 1!

Also right after I left that comment, I canceled my Facebook and MySpace accounts. I found it too much to keep track of and still write. However, you cannot say anything about someone being online and then disappearing, because as I recall you had this great blog going, and then there was an entry about the book about salt, and then...nothing. *crickets*

I cannot Twitter. I have lost Vicki to Twitter. If you see her in the Twitterverse, remember me to her. *sniffle*

See you at Nationals!

As for the zone? I make a soundtrack for the book in question, then go jogging.

Debut day is surreal and exciting, but I still have to do edits for my new proposal (thanks so much for the great crit!) so I'm going to have to get my zone on too:)

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