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Friday, May 8, 2009

Get in the Kitchen: Rhubarb

After some investigation, I have discovered several local outlets where I may purchase that most beloved of all spring produce: rhubarb! So, for this month's Get in the Kitchen, I'm going to ask you all to vote on one of the fabulous-looking rhubarb recipes currently featured in a slideshow at Of course, none of them stand much of a chance of being better than my family's favorite, Mrs. Schroeder's Rhubarb Pie, but this blog feature is all about pushing myself to try new things and experiment with new recipes, so command me! I'm at your service. Comment with your vote on which dish you'd like to see me attempt, and I'll try my hand at the one that gets the most votes, documenting the whole process faithfully.

Check out the link above for the slideshow. Here are your choices (with my commentary):
Rhubarb Sorbet with Vanilla Rhubarb Compote
--Could be fun, and I do have a shmancy Cuisinart ice cream maker to play with...
Pistachio Rhubarb Trifle
--I looove trifle, it's a very old-fashioned dessert that really doesn't get enough play anymore. Does anyone know if that salmonella ban has been lifted from pistachios, though?
Strawberry Rhubarb Compote with Matzoh Streusel Topping
--Looks like it would make a good breakfast. Sorry, can't get more excited about it than that.
Rhubarb Streusel Cakes
--These, on the other hand, are darling! Don't know why they flip my switch when the other streusel thing didn't. *shrugs*
Rhubarb Strawberry Pudding Cake
--I'm not sure what makes a cake a 'pudding' cake, but I'd love to find out.
Country Rhubarb Cake
--Hmm. Seems a bit like a tarted up cobbler with the biscuit topping. Not that I'm complaining!
Rhubarb Gingersnap Parfaits
--Oooooh, my two favorite ingredients in a single, elegant dish?
Millefolgia with Grappa Cream and Rhubarb
--Ugh. I don't like it in Italian or in French (millefeuille) and grappa might be hard to come by in Sandusky, Ohio. Not that I would ever try and influence the vote.
Rhubarb Raspberry Pie
--A combination I've never seen before and am a little scared of. Seriously, isn't your mouth puckering just reading that? But I bet Gourmet makes it work. Would be fun to see!

Okay, there are three more recipes featured in the slideshow, but they're for a savory hors d'ouevre and a couple of punch-type non-alcoholic drinks, and was anybody going to vote for that over a sweet? I didn't think so.

Send in your votes and I'll tally them up!


Rhubarb is something I've never cooked with, mostly because I'm not sure how I feel about it. It's so tart! Having said that, I'd vote for the rhubarb-raspberry pie because I adore raspberries!

I'm all for the Rhubarb Raspberry Pie. While you're at it, you can overnight me a slice. LOL

Vicki Dahl Twittervoted for Strawberry Rhubarb Compote with Matzoh topping.

I'm putting in for the Rhubarb Gingersnap Parfait. That just sounds fabulous.

LisHolst Twittervoted for the Rhubarb Sorbet. Uh oh, getting quite a spread!

MKDB Twittervoted for Strawberry Rhubarb Pie--that's the one to beat, it looks like!

KristenofChaos Twittervoted for the Rhubarb Ginger Parfait!

Pudding cake for me!

I bought the first rhubarb of the season on Saturday at the Greenmarket...going to make some compote tonight!

And got another vote for the sorbet on Facebook.

I LOVE Rhubarb-make them all!!

Looks like the rhubarb raspberry pie wins! I bought the raspberries this morning, so we'll see how it goes.

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