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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

James Beard Awards

This year's James Beard Award winners were named, and guess what? Dan Barber at Blue Hill in New York City won the outstanding chef award! This is exciting because Blue Hill just so happens to be the restaurant where I'll be hosting my launch party for Can't Stand the Heat in September. I'm in the middle of looking over proofs of the invites now, so check out the Blue Hill website and imagine yourself there this fall!

Space is very limited (it's a small, intimate restaurant) so I'm going to have to cull the guest list pretty carefully. However, I do plan to record the party for posterity on my website, so even if you don't get to experience it in person, you'll have the chance to see what we get up to. The only menu item I know for sure is the signature cocktail I developed for my heroine, Miranda, to get drunk on in the first chapter. I think I'll call it Miranda's Downfall. The recipe is included in the book, but here's a sneak peek for my faithful blog readers:

Miranda's Downfall

1 oz rose-petal-infused vodka

3 whole raspberries

Your favorite champagne or sparkling wine

For infused vodka:

2 cups of vodka
2 large red roses

Remove petals from flowers and wash well. Add petals to the vodka and stir around. Let sit, covered, overnight to allow flavors to steep. Put the berries in the bottom of a champagne flute or saucer, pour in the vodka shot, and top up with your favorite bubbly! For a drier cocktail, choose brut or rosé; if you want it sweeter, the next level would be a crémant, followed by the sugariest of all, a spumante. Makes one cocktail.


That is so cool! That great taste you have.

Cannot. Wait.

Sounds amazing!

I second what Kwana said.

Yay, Blue Hill! Obviously, we have not spoken in ages. I will give you a buzz soon. ;-)

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