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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Save the Contemporary, Save the World!

Those crazy kids, Sarah and Jane, of Smart Bitches and Dear Author fame, are running a super cool contest right now on their genius site, Save the Contemporary. Check it out!

I admit to bias and ulterior motives, for sure. Also to a little bit of eek! that contemporary romances need saving. Contemporary romance was my first love, all the way back to the Harlequins I stole out of my grandma's suitcase whenever she came to visit. And even though I don't write category, I know I was influenced by those stories set in the real world (if the real world were full of tycoons and desert princes and secret mistresses--which it TOTALLY is, I'm sure. In some parts of the world. Shut up.) and featuring heroines who were secretaries or school teachers, rather than superheroines who can, like, breathe underwater or have laser eyes or something. Not that I don't love a good paranormal--I absolutely do! But still, I can't help but feel that contemporaries give us romance in its purest form.

So to help keep this once thriving subgenre alive, forward the Save the Contemporary contest to all your friends! Blog about it! And above all, buy and read Lisa Kleypas's fabulous new book. You might surprise yourself by not even missing the bloodsucking and shapeshifting...


I write contemporaries and I love them. I got kind of burnt out on other genres for a little while... I'll have to check out the site. I'm all about 'Saving the Contemps'!

I like contemps, but yours was the last one I read. I definitely don't seek them out as much as I should. Wonder why that is?

I'm all for saving them. Writing Them. Loving them!

Greetings! I just happened to stumble over here. I'm all for saving the contemporaries especially since that's what I write.

I also find myself reading more and more of them.

Sounds like a great idea. Although I have to admit, I had no idea contemporaries were an endangered species!

Glad you're with me on this! Except Kristen, I guess we'll have to convert her.

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