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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Confession is Good for the Soul

Okay. I admit it. I've been looking at shoe porn for the last hour. It started with handbags, because I honestly and truly need a new one, and I found one onsale at Neiman's online, but then I had a question about whether I could return a sale item, because purses are impossible to really get a handle on (ha!) from one photo of one angle of the outside and no interior shots, so I started a live chat with a service person (very quick response, too, I was impressed) and then I was hooked. Neiman Marcus strikes again! I've surfed through the whole Sale category, and then moved on to the not-on-sale shoes, because I'm just masochistic like that.

So many pretty things! For instance, these red boots. Part of me yearns to be the sort of woman who wears boots like this. Maybe when I complete my Goddess Transformation and lose enough weight to actually wear skinny jeans I could tuck into the tops of the boots?

Or these. These are the shoes I would buy if I were completely fearless and cool. I love these shoes more than I can say. More than I know what to do with. Which is the problem--I have literally nothing to wear these shoes with, and nowhere to wear that fabulous ensemble even if it did exist. FOR NOW. But someday I might! Should I buy the shoes now as a gesture of faith in the future fabulousness of my life? Or should I bow to practicality and look at the flats. Nothing there blew my hair back, except for these, which certainly made me do a double take.
No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. That shoe has a face, and it's a mouse face. Oh, Marc Jacobs. Why?

So I didn't end up buying anything (other than the bag, because, dude, it was like 50% off! I couldn't afford NOT to buy it. That's my story and I'm sticking with it) but I had a good time looking and fantasizing. What's your favorite pair of fantasy shoes--the ones you'd buy if you had exciting events to go to and all the money and confidence in the world?


This is so funny that our heads are in the same place today. I love those top boots. So cool for right now with funky scarves. I would love some red flats that aren't flashy but classy and a pair of great Christian Louboutin black pumps. Dreamy. Go here and ply a while:

Manolo Blahnik is my drug of choice. The Laboutin stuff is often a little platformy for me. But you and Kristen Painter can pull those off, no problem!

OMG! THOSE are the red boots I'm getting this year! I've been looking for a pair of red cowboy boots. They are on my 40 things to do at 40 list (must post an updated list)


I would wear those red boots in a heart beat, but yes, I am definitely a Louboutin girl. They just speak to me. They're like respectable stripper shoes. Which is totally what I am at heart, the respectable stripper.

Very bold choices. Me likey. Although, I've been thinking more and more about getting cowgirl boots. I am in Texas, so I should blend in. Yeehaw! This LA chick needs a wardrobe change...

Jax, you could totally rock the red cowgirl boots. Or some of those with amazing, intricate hand-tooled leather or stitching! Do it!

KP, you are the ultimate respectable stripper. My sister calls it 'Executive Slutty'. Bebe clothes typify the style.

Thanks for the porn and I love your taste in shoes/boots. Lusting over both the red boots and those color-blocked shoes...

And you wouldn't be the first girl to need to buy outfits to match a great pair of shoes. **Maureen looks up and away**

Marc Jacobs should be shot for those shoes... I've seen some "cute" stuff on Campers... Okay, may own a pair or two... I've got one pair where one flat has a needle and thread embroidered on... and if you stand with your feet together, the thread continues onto the other foot and ends in a button. I love them.

But those mouse-face shoes shouldn't be worn by anyone over the age of 9 yet are far to expensive for a 9-year-old to even consider.

Oh, and who needs skinny jeans. Those boots would be great with a dress of skirt.
That's how I'd wear them...

Buy them, buy them, I dare you.

dress OR skirt

You are all evil enablers! I've had Mel and Kristen after me over email to buy more pairs of shoes than even I now what to do with.

Okay, that's a lie, I totally know what I'd do with them. But still!

You must buy the red boots. NOW.

The red boots belong to Mel. She already staked her claim. LOL

yes, the boots are mine. Lulu can purchase them if she wants, but she won't be allowed to wear them if we're in the same state...

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