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Thursday, March 19, 2009


I know you're all waiting breathlessly for pics from my latest travels, but this has to take precedence. St. Martin's gave me the go ahead to post the cover art for Can't Stand the Heat! My debut romantic comedy featuring a hotshot Manhattan chef who falls for a snarky restaurant reviewer will be out this September--and I think you can see from the cover how SMP is planning to market it! My only hope is that the hotness of the sex scenes in the actual book live up to the art. A completely unbiased beta reader (my mother) assures me that they do.

Anyway, here it is. Gasp, swoon, enjoy! I've been doing all three on a regular rotating basis since I first saw it...


OMG LOVE. LOVE. SO MUCH LOVE. It's amazing, congratulations!!!

That is an AWESOME cover.
congratulations!!!! Wow. So purty, i can't stop looking. I'm going to buy your book.

Thanks! I'm a little smitten with it myself.

Okay, I'm in deep smit. LOL

I love love love it!!

It is so awesome that mere words cannot describe it! I love it!!! And the sex scene definitely live up to the cover;)

woops, make that sceneS!

Delish! It's five kinds of awesome!

That's one smoking hot cover! Congrats!

YEOWZA!! I can't wait to get my paws on it! (the book, not the girls fanny.)

Wow! It's so HOT. I love it. Congrats. It will be flying of the shelves.

It is smoking!! But then so is the book, so I'm not surprised you are happy!

That's awesome! I SO can't wait to get it. If your mum says it's HOT, I'm sure it will sizzle!!!! That's soooo cool!

Thanks everyone! I know every book is a genuine thrill, but it's hard to imagine there will ever be anything as exciting to me as this first one.

WOW. Louisa! It's wonderful. How fabulous. :-)

You know I love this cover...but i'm gonna say it again here just because I can. LOL

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