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Monday, March 30, 2009

Gourmet's Top Ten, April '09 - We have a winner!

Jess broke the tie, making the Lemon-Glazed Butter Cake our official winner! I'll be making that one...first. Yes, April's selections are too delectable to resist. I bought the makings for the French Meatloaf and Garlic Almond Pasta this morning, along with about two dozen lemons. So, since I love you all so much, you're getting bonus posts this month! Because I cannot resist the combination of meat with prunes (weird, but true!) or the opportunity to use the darling curly pasta my mother-in-law stuck in my stocking this Christmas.

I'm excited to make the lemon cake. One of those bonding things between me and several of my friends is the fact that if we're given a menu with a lemon-flavored offering, we can't pass it up. I don't care if there's molten chocolate cake with salt caramel and some kind of hazelnut praline--I'll take the wacky meyer lemon cheesecake every time. This butter cake only has a lemon glaze; my only fear is that it won't be lemony enough. Almost nothing is lemony enough to suit me. We'll just have to see if my cake turns out as cute as Gourmet's, even if I sneak some extra juice and zest into the glaze...


I don't actually see any glaze on that cake at all.

The top layer of our wedding cake was lemon. It was the only thing I got to eat the whole day. lol

Sounds yummy. Go get cookin!

That looks so Yummy! Ooh, I need to bake rum cake or something!!!!

You are such a tease!

No teasing! I'm really going to make it, I swear. LOL

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