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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Why Oh Why Did I Have That Third Drink?

It's very mysterious to me, why I never seem able to remember that everything is so much shinier and happier when I stick to my two drink limit. Two cocktails, two glasses of wine, two shots, whatever--that's a nice, respectable buzz that allows me to have fun while maintaining control of myself. And, more important to me at this particular moment, doesn't leave me with a killer hangover the next day.

I blame Stinger, and more specifically, Stinger's boss, who was the one actually pouring the endless round of Sidecars. I blame Stinger because obviously we were there socializing with his boss because of him, but also because Stinger was the one who introduced his cocktail-obsessed boss to the wonders of the Sidecar. They were yummy. Too yummy. And if I think about them too much more, I might do something that damages my keyboard.

Gross. Although, on the bright side, it's the perfect excuse to stay in all day and do nothing but watch season 3 of Supernatural on DVD...


Did you need an excuse in addition to the ridiculous cold? That said, I'm heading out now to the grocery store. On foot. Brrrrr.

I had five drinks last night, by the way. So you are far more respectable than I. ;-)

Ah, cocktails.

The cold is FINALLY breaking here.


Oh, I love Supernatural! And I think a wee-little, um, "headache" is an excellent reason to watch the Winchester boys in action. For hours. Can I use that excuse, too?

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