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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Great Day in the Morning

This is a fabulous, exciting, wonderful day in the history of our nation, and in the life of me, personally. As I sit, glued to the Washington Post website's live feed of the Inauguration Day festivities, all I can think is, "FINALLY." And I know this is the beginning of our hard work, not the end, and there's plenty of tough times ahead, but I think it's so important to take the time today to celebrate and be happy.

So BE HAPPY, everyone! The world is changing, and change is a wonderful, scary, exciting thing. Embrace it!


What a beautiful picture and FINALLY is a perfect way to describe it. I'm so happy today.

I just caught the footage of the Obamas getting in the car to go to church (Yay, an Episcopal church!) this morning, and I teared up. Two seconds of watching them get in a car (He helped Michelle in and then walked around to his side - adorable.), and I TEARED UP.

I realized then that this is going to be a teary day all around.

I am so excited, and so, so, so happy.

I've already cried twice. Once looking at a picture of St. John's (Meg, we are soul sisters) and once when Bernice King was on talking about her empathy for Malia and Sasha and how she's praying for them.

I agree. I would watch it but the cable folks screwed up my order and I won't have tv until tomorrow! WHAAAAAA!

I guess I will just have to watch it online.

We ARE soul sisters!

I have to keep myself a bit in check, since I'll be watching with work folks. I figure I can run off to a corner to sob if need be.

SO EXCITED. I can't watch any of the leading-up coverage, since work is insane (I am currently not paying attention to a conference call), but it's probably better that way. Less crying.

Very exciting. Very hopeful. And I'm not even an American.

The only thing I missed was the closing prayer, which Nick says was awesome. Oh, and I deliberately missed Rick Warren's bloated, self-satisfied opening invocation, so that was fine.

Other than that? Could Aretha have been more wonderful? Could Yo-Yo Ma have had a better time? Could those Obama girls be any cuter? And could our new president be any more charismatic, intelligent, and appealing?

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