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Friday, January 23, 2009

Puppy Love

We're getting a new puppy today! I'm so excited. This sweet boy will essentially be a pet for my pet. Yes, we're those people. What can I say? Our dog, Hunter, needs a friend to play with. So we bought him a baby brother! If only things were this simple with human children.
Here are some pics of the new boy, whose name, we think, will be Oscar.
I know, right? If you'd like a real blog post that's more than puppy pics and gushing about, like, book-related stuff, check out my CP Maria Geraci's interesting take on the concept of 'high concept'. Plus, her gorgeous new cover!


Oh my goodness that face. I'm dying over here! What a smoocher.


Rader was almost Oscar. We let Ian decide and he chose Rader for the baby and Oscar for his teddy bear. He carried Oscar-bear around for a VERY long time.

That baby is too cute.

I'm in LOVE with Oscar! He's adorable. Congrats on the newest member of your family!

I'm dying for a new dog, but I keep getting vetoed by my husband. Maybe you can have Stinger talk to Seth! :)

That face! It's killing me with cuteness! Look - I'm all melted and puddle-y.

OMG he's so HANDSOME!! what a smoochie poochie!

Oscar is home! And only threw up four times on the way here. Phew. Now we're all settled in with new toys and a new bed and Hunter has already stolen one of Oscar's bones and gone off somewhere with it.

OMG, he's so cute!

Oh what a cutie he is! We use to have 2 dogs. Now we have our senior gal. I miss having 2- it was fun and well not so fun when they ganged up on me. LOL...
I came over from Kwana.

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