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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hiatus Over

Okay, I admit, I've been lurking on my own blog. But it's all I had time for! I swear. Lots of stuff going on, some fun, some not so fun. For instance, the in-laws were in town! For a whole week! I'll let you guess which side of the fun-o-meter that falls on.

But things are getting into a swing again, so I'm back to blogging. We're in the throes of planning the RWAOL chapter party for San Francisco, which is usually a great big bash because as an online chapter, we don't really have any other expenses. However, SF is so mondo expensivo that I'm afraid we've all gone into sticker shock a little bit. It'll still be a wonderful party, I'm sure, as long as we have the lovely Miss Jen emceeing, and sharing all her dirty secrets with us. The theme is now: Chinatown! I heart Chinatown, no matter what city it's in, and SF has a fab one, so this theme is perfect. Now, if only the hotel would serve us a great big Chinese buffet, with spareribs and wontons and Mu Shu Pork! But they won't. Sigh. Party planning is hard when you don't have unlimited funds to do whatever the heck you want.

If I were really industrious, I'd figure out how to cook some of those things myself once I get there. I have friends in the city, I could use their kitchens! And soon, I'm going to be a very skilled little chef, because I have enrolled in the CIA's boot camp! That's Culinary Institute of America, guys, don't get all excited. But wait, DO get excited, because this is so super cool! The CIA is in Hyde Park, NY (short, pretty drive upstate from Manhattan) and Nick and I are going for our anniversary. A whole week of getting screamed at by instructors for not browning the butter properly! I can't wait. In September, when I go, I'll be sure to post pictures of me in my chef's uniform. : )


You in chef's coat? The hotness factor on that is going to be through the roof?

And Chinatown? Um, YES, please!

Speaking of, you think you and Rocki might be okay with doing a little party decorations shopping in Chinatown when we're there on Tuesday?

Alright! You're back!

So here's the million dollar questions. When are you going on Top Chef?

You know, I've actually escaped even watching Top Chef. Hell's Kitchen is my chef reality show drug of choice.

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