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Monday, May 5, 2008

I'm Back!

Boston was a fabulous time, and Miss Marley Gibson's book signing and launch party went swimmingly. Marley sold lots of books, and we all looked gorgeous, if I do say so myself. But don't take my word for it! Here's a picture of me with my roomie Kristen Painter, and critique partner Mel Francis, provided by the lovely Kwana Jackson.

I know, miles of cleavage! As far as the eye can see! Good times. Ignore the sleepy way my eyes look. Marley served appletinis, cosmos, and some coconut concoction I didn't try because cocktails in the colada family always taste like sucking down sunblock, to me. Anyway. Pretend I look as perky as Kristen and Mel's...well, as Kristen and Mel. My other critique partner, Maria Geraci, also looked gorgeous. See for yourself! (Just so we're clear on which crit partner is which, Mel is the pantser, Maria is the plotter. Without Maria, neither Mel nor I would ever have a plot. Mel's characters would just sit around smarting off and trying to get horizontal, and mine would just angst back and forth and never get anywhere. In a fun way, but still.)

I spent much of the party happily engaged in conversation about the dorkiest things imaginable, with Queen Consort of the Geeks, Diana Peterfreund. We covered everything from Narnia and Worlds of Warcraft to fanfiction and crazy obsessions with Logan from Veronica Mars, and discovered a mutual obsession with Rockband. I know, I was shocked that she has time to write her wonderful books and be a fantastically successful author, too. She's an inspiration to us all!

Boston turns out to be a fun town, even when you're not being given free drinks. Kristen and I sampled homemade corned beef hash at Mike's City Diner (it was amazing); went to the aquarium, where we saw and heard many wondrous things, including a little boy exhorting one of the tank divers to "Beat up the shahk!" in the thickest Goodwill Hunting accent; and had dim sum at the Empire Palace in Chinatown. The dim sum included a dish called fried noodles (ok, it was called something totally different, but I can't spell it, so.) which were unbelievably good. Broad, soft rice noodles rolled into little cylinders, then fried until crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Then they were smothered in scallions, soy sauce, and peanut sauce. YES. Even the slippery plastic chopsticks they gave us to use couldn't stop me from finishing that plate.

At the airport before heading back to Ohio (where it's actually WARMER than in Boston--thanks, Massachusetts, for reminding me there's someplace with worse weather than my little town!) Kristen and I decided we'd be back on the straight and narrow path with a vengeance. I plan to stop drinking for at least a month, to help jumpstart my metabolism. (Shut up, Mel, I can so do that!) Of course, not right away. My in-laws are coming this week, hello. I'm going to be hitting the vino, that's just a given. Next week, though...


I can't stop thinking about those noodles. Seriously, I think I dreamed about them last night. Them and hula dancing. No clue.

we are SOOOOO cute. seriously.

Wicked Awesome.

I know, those noodles. Damn, it's nearly lunchtime, and they're ALL I WANT. Hey, this could be a good diet! No noodles, no thanks.

Mel, I still can't get over how hot you're looking. And you were really wearing that dress.

Mel, I still can't get over how hot you're looking.

Even with the "Junior League Cleavage?" LMAO

That wasn't me! I didn't think that at all. And hello, the pictures do not lie. I don't know what JL is like in Arkansas, but in Virginia, they'd run you out of town on a rail for dressing like that. So you go, girl!

Junior League cleavage rocks. Just saying.

I so wish we could do it all over again. With nicer weather, of course:)

And, of course, the weather has been GORGEOUS the past two days and today it's inching up towards 70. I'm about to go outside to have my lunch.

Sooooooooo wonderful having all my sweeties at the party. You were all fabulous, gorgeous, fun, outrageous, and every other adjective I can think of.

So glad you enjoyed my city! Y'all come again now, ya hear? = )

I want some of those noodles.

Hey Louisa! Long time since I checked in. Just saying hi. So cold in NY today. Will the warm weather ever come?

Tagged you today! Check it out and jump in the game!

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