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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Let There Be Light!

My house is a dim. Not stupid, just dark. During the day, there's plenty of light from windows, but at night? I have bruises all up and down my legs from bumping into things. The honey would say it's just because I bruise like a peach and also happen to be a little klutzy, and he wouldn't be wrong. But I still think a few new lamps would help. So decide for me which ones are awesome and which ones suck. I've looked at so many, I honestly have no opinions left.

My shins thank you.



I could totally use D. I totally have a place for it.

It's hard to say about the lamps since you didn't say what rooms they were for. Bedroom? Living room? Library?

Need more info.

I like A & C. Lamp D kind of scares me (sorry Kristen). Just think of te dusting needed.

Maybe you should go for the one that gives off the most light.

I need lamps in every room. Imagine them beside beds, on desks, on end tables, on consoles. EVERYWHERE.

Choice C, please! Maybe with a slightly less fluted shade?

It's hard to say without knowing the decor of the room. I'd say A or D because D gives you a place to put books.

Check this out for ideas...

Oh, Meg. I have already drooled over Domino's links list for lighting. Circa is my fave, I think. I want ALL of those things.

Thanks for the votes, guys! At this point, I may just buy them all and return the ones that don't work. The place has a 5-day policy!

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