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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Why Do Journalists Hate Romance Novels?

Seriously, what is that? Do they think we're cutting in on their sales? Like women who love romances at the beach would otherwise be reading a newspaper, if they couldn't happen to get their hands on the latest Nora Roberts.

Personally, polls like this one (scroll down and look for the oh-so-clever "Your turn") make me never want to look at MSNBC again. Are they really so deficient in their research department that they think anyone still calls it a "bodice ripper"?

I'm considering putting a disclaimer on the cover of my book:

No bodices were harmed in the making of this romance novel.


It's redonkulous.

but the response to the poll has been spanktaculer.

I cringed when I saw it too. Ugh.

I think you've got a new pin slogan going there that would give Jeannie Ruesch a run for her money.

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