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Monday, June 2, 2008

The Lights Are Off, and No One's Acknowledging It

Okay, looking at that header, it seems like this blog is going to be about Alzheimer's or something, which it's not. No, I'm Literal Girl today--the light bulb has gone out in the bathroom, and neither my husband nor I have mentioned it yet.

This is the bathroom attached to our bedroom, so it's the one we use most frequently, and pretty much exclusively at night. When it's dark. I think it's safe to assume that we've both noticed that we're peeing in the pitch black. I'm a little concerned about my husband's willingness to carry on with this, considering that he refuses to have one of those little rugs that fit around the toilet because, according to him, men don't have 100% accuracy in terms of aim, and he hates the idea of that rug sitting there soaking up spills. So how's his aim in the dark? Is he sitting down to pee?

I wouldn't know, because I haven't brought it up. Whoever brings it up will be the person who has to fix it, so we're both playing a waiting game for now. And before I get mocked for not wanting to deal with this, let me just say I have no problem with changing a light bulb. But this one is on a high ceiling, and it's under one of those weird vent/light things, and I have no idea how to get it open. And then I have no idea what kind of bulb is underneath it. So I'm ignoring the problem, and hoping it will go away.

I know, not exactly inspiring. Kids, I don't advocate living your life this way! It can only lead to bumped elbows and suspiciously damp floors! But seriously, does anyone else do this with household chores? Pretend you don't see it, and hope your spouse will notice and do something about it?


oh good. we're not the only ones who do this. Luckily for me, I can ignore something forever, so 9 times out of 10, Fishdog ends up taking care of it.

Just wait until you have a baby and y'all play the "pretending to sleep through the crying" game...

That one won't fly. Nick actually WILL sleep through it.

Do you want me to come over and fix it? I am exceptionally handy, you know.

Well, I don't have a spouse, but it did take me about three weeks to change the bulb in my kitchen light fixture when it went out.

Now, there are two bulbs in there, and I could still see, but not well. And when I did get my butt downstairs to haul the ladder up and change the thing, it took me all of five minutes.

But still.

I also ignore dust bunnies until I' having company. I HATE vaccuuming.

Kristen, I knew you wouldn't be able to sympathize, with your perpetual punch list. You screw up the curve for homeowners everywhere.

Meg, I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!

LOL. My husband told me the same thing about the toilet mat and peeing. That's why we don't have one. I thought he was lying because he doesn't like the way they look. Guess not. :)

Oh and I'd happily send Seth over to fix the light bulb for you. He needs something to do...

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