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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Furniture Shopping

Okay, guys, I'm trying to fill up my McStarter Castle, here in Back of Beyond, Ohio. I drove more than an hour to the chi-chi east side of Cleveland yesterday, and spent hours poking around furniture stores. Here are a couple of my favorites:

This is a crappy image, but see that dresser in the back? I bought that yesterday for our bedroom. For the last three years, since we moved to Ohio, Nick has been running nude to the guest bedroom to get his clothes out of the old dresser. I'm sure the neighbors will be sad to miss their free show every morning (I know I will), but Nick is looking forward to being able to get dressed in his own room like a civilized person.

This is a sideboard from a nifty little company called Jonathan Charles, that does sort of updated reproductions of antiques. His family's been in the antique business for three generations, so he's clearly got a lot of ideas. I like this console table because it's delicate without seeming fragile. Drawers are always useful. And I don't know if you can really see it in these pictures, but those are hand-painted butterflies accenting the table. In person, they really pop. Also, it's on sale. What do you think--should I buy?


Love the sideboard! Where are you going to put it?

In the dining room, more as a server than anything else.

without hesitation, buy what speaks to you.
looks like that piece is versatile and stylish.
from server to console behind a couch with chic lamps and of course books.
hope it is not sold.


I am a bit disappointed you bought the dresser though. I mean, the Nekkid Nick 50 Yard Dash every morning? Awesome.

I really like that sideboard. a lot.

I know! The neighbors are disappointed, too, believe me. However, I selfishly feel that Nick's danglies are for me, and me alone, so I'm okay with that.

I really like the butterflies - I'd like it better if it just had the four legs (without the bracing between them), but I think it's lovely - whimsical but still down to earth. And it's very you.

I LOVE the dresser. It's so 1930's London. Now you need a fabulous mirror to hang over it, and some sort of sultry lamp to sit atop it. And I'm seeing a couple of crystal perfume bottles, too...

Meg, you must be psychic. The dresser actually has a matching two-tone wood frame mirror that I broke down and bought. I'm still searching for the perfect, fun mirror to go in the foyer. If anyone runs into anything awesome, send me a link...

I love love love the idea of this mirror in either glossy white or matte black:

I also love this round mirror...

Also wicked fun:

Darn, none of those links worked. I will email you pics.

I love that dresser, but maybe you should put it in the guest room just to keep the free show going? Heck put in downstaires in the basement!LOL

I find it very interesting how many people are entertained by the idea of my husband in the buff. I don't think I'm going to tell him about this.

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