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Monday, April 28, 2008

Fashion Update

So I bought the dress. For one thing, my date, daring diva Kristen Painter, is wearing brown as well, and as you all know, there's nothing sexier than color matching your companion for the evening. The dress arrived today, and it looks fab, although significantly more boobalicious on me than on the tomboy/neuter/ironing board model pictured below. I may look knocked up in it, I can't really be sure, but what I do know is, there's some very distracting real estate directly north of any potential baby bump action, so I don't think anyone is going to be too worried about it. Plus, I plan to have a cocktail in hand the entire evening, so that should put to bed any questions. Right?

The shoes look great with it, ditto the earrings, but the necklace (shown left) is waaaay too long. Seriously, the pendant drops to nipple level. It gets trapped in my cleavage. What is that all about? What sort of giraffe woman was this necklace intended for?

Going to have to rethink the jewelry. I've got a gorgeous necklace I never get to wear here in the wilds of Ohio, because it's too dressy for any event that could even be conceived of here. So maybe I'll give that piece an evening out. What will probably happen is that I'll bring every piece of jewelry I own, intending to make Kristen help me decide, and then I'll end up borrowing something of hers. (hint, hint, K.--bring all your jewels!)


I have a lovely gold monkey necklace you can borrow...

That necklace is hot. Shame it's too long. Can it be clasped shorter somehow?

And yes, I can bring all my jewels, but I may need security. lol

I can't wait to see us all in party clothes!

Unfortunately, the necklace is cunningly designed to thwart anyone who wants it to be shorter. Without taking it completely apart...which I'm not against, mind you, but I don't know if it could be done by this weekend.

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