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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dress Me Up

So what do you think: maternity wear? or babydoll chic?

I'm feeling the need for a new dress, in case I get invited to a swanky book release party, or something. : ) Thoughts? My biggest concern is that sexy brown heels are oddly hard to find. I don't own any. The closest I've got are metallic open-toed sandals. Could I get away with the combo?


I am so not the person to comment about fashion. LOL But . . . honey, that dress would never work for maternity. There're certain body parts that balloon up at the slightest hormone. Because of that, it doesn't look maternity to me. Metallic open toed sandals sound lovely.

Are you going to be in SF?

Oh, yes, my dear. I will see you in the Golden Gate City!

You didn't say what color metallic, but a bronze or a gold would work fabulously with that dress. It's a great dress, btw. You'd look hot in it.

Cute dress. Not sure about brown for spring. It's such a fall color to me. but I don't think it will look like maternity wear at all. It's super cute.

Speaking of cute. I'm in need of a cute pair of silver peep toed shoes. Let me know if you find any in your search! :)

I know, the brown! It came in blue, but it's all sold out. Grr. My metallic heels are sort of gold-toned. Kind of indeterminate, actually, which makes them very useful. I think you've all convinced me, LOL!

Very cute! And I agree with Gina. Definitely not Maternity:)

Love the dress! And hey, I have the perfect place you can wear it! = )

Oh yeah - bronze, gold or even silver heels would go nicely. As for the maternity issue, I'd have to see it on you to judge...

Hey lady - finally got my blog up and running again:

So - what did you decide about the dress?

I think it's super cute. Not Maternity at all.

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