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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Finished Basement

We are officially living the midwestern dream! Our basement is finished. There's a wet bar, a gym room, space for a pool table or poker table (haven't decided yet), and a 100-inch projection screen.

That's right, 100 inches. It's ludicrous.

For the last few months, while the project was underway, the honey and I have been making mental lists of the movies we wanted to watch on this mammoth screen. Old favorites, classics, big action features--the main requirement, though, for high status on the list, was that we didn't catch it in movie theaters. So the first thing we watched was Band of Brothers. (Okay, not quite the first thing--because I'm completely addicted to Gordon Ramsay, and couldn't wait, we watched Hell's Kitchen before anything else.)

Anyway, Band of Brothers. I'd seen it before, some parts more than once, because my little sister is strangely obsessed with it. Although, it's not that strange, because I'm kind of obsessed with it, too. It really improves the more times you watch it. Not that it isn't engrossing the first time, because it is, but the storylines are so complicated and there are so many characters who look so similar in their soldier garb, it's just easier to follow it all the second or third time around. And it's so immense, you notice new details every time. For instance, this time I noticed that the other times I watched it, I'd missed an entire episode! Yes. And it was the really sweet one, too, featuring the adorable Cajun medic. So it was very rewarding, and now I'm all interested in WWII again. Do you think there's a market out there for a WWII-era historical romance?


A friend of mine writes WWII romances, but hasn't had much luck with publishers so she's published them herself. Still, you'd think publishers would be willing to take a chance on something out of the box once in awhile.

100 inches of Mr. Ramsay? Sounds like a dream come true to me.

Chef is so uber pissed at larger-than-life sized, it's amazing.

I loved when Suz Brockmann's Navy SEALs books used to have a WWII subplot, and it gave me hope. Sigh. Guess I'll stick to my current idea, then!

OMG, of course! Hello, sexy resistance fighters!

I'm sooooo moving in! It sounds like a great party site. I'm jealous just thinking about it. **drool**

Nix on the WWII romances. It's always referred to as the "wrong war" for literature. Civil War always does so much better for whatever reason. The only real instance of a successful WWII that I can think of is "The Winds of War" and "War and Remembrance," and you're talking Herman Wouk, so of course.

Jax, you're welcome anytime! Nephele, you're breaking my heart. I know, I know. Just because it's a romantic era doesn't mean it works for romance. But it kills me!

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