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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Calling All Readers

As much as I'm enjoying spending all my days with hottie chef Beck, I'm looking forward to finishing his book so I can get back to reading for pleasure again! The minute I wrap up Hot Under Pressure, I'm diving into my TBR pile. Can't wait!

And just because I'm curious and I love to tease myself--tell me the last book you read and loved. Was it a new-to-you author or an old favorite? Something you'd been panting for, or something you stumbled across?


The last book I read and loved was Angel's Blood by Nalini Singh. I've actually just started both of her series (Psy-Changeling & Guild Hunter) and am loving them. These weren't books I had on my TBR pile, but I kept hearing about how good they were, so I couldn't pass them up any longer.

Have totally gotten hook on ouyr pal's books Roxanne st. Claire. Yu've probably read them all so that's no help. Just finished Lori Foster's When You Dare & Trace of Fever & loved them both.

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