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Monday, September 28, 2009


The launch party--oh, man, where to begin? It was scrumptious, luscious, thrilling, exciting, heartwarming, and exhausting. Here's how you know I was having a ball: I have no pictures. None! Not to worry, though, there were several people snapping shot after shot of the packed Blue Hill dining room, and I'll supposedly be getting those pics sometime soon. I promise I'll share the ones that make me look gorgeous and poised! The ones that show me looking giddy and goofy will be deleted instantly.

My week in NYC was fabulous; I had dinner at the Bread Bar at Tabla with my gorgeous editor and fantastic agent, where we spent three hours drinking, eating, and brainstorming titles and plot ideas. EVERY brainstorming session should be just like that. I also reconnected with old friends, tried new restaurants and food I never could've imagined, like the insane tasting menu at Wylie Dufresne's famed molecular gastronomy playroom, WD-50, and doing research.

Then, two days after the party, we flew across the country to San Francisco for a week in Napa, where we're helping a friend celebrate her birthday. It's a rough job, I know, but someone has to do it. I'm spending the afternoon incorporating all my new culinary school knowledge into my existing manuscript for the third Recipe for Love novel.

What are you up to?


Sweet fanny Christmas. You went to WD-50? I am GREEN with envy. I hope you took pictures. In fact, that should be an entire post with pics and descriptions.

Get on it.

The third RFL novel??? I am soooo excited!!

Your life, Louisa! Can I have it??

What am I doing ?? Eating your words, that's what I'm doing... every single one !
I see life as an author is a tough one, especially yours. But you're right, somebody has to do it... ;-)
Have a great time and please post pics when you can. I can safely say I'm not the only one expecting them ;-)

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