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Monday, September 21, 2009

Back in NYC!

It's so good to be enjoying my favorite island getaway: Manhattan! Landed at LaGuardia last night and immediately ran into the longest cab line in the history of ever. But that's okay, because I'm home!

I slipped back into my city skin fairly easily; jumpstarted the process by taking the F train to West 4th. Oy. But it was all worth it to get to my fabulous sushi dinner at a hole-in-the-wall joint on West 23rd! I had chirashi so beautiful and succulent that I couldn't pause long enough to get a picture. The salmon was buttery and delicious, the toro tuna melted on my tongue, and the sushi rice was warm and tangy. My friend and I followed it up with a hike around Chelsea looking for the perfect Ben & Jerry's ice cream to take back to his apartment, where we discussed video games, comics, love, relationships, boys, and writing.

Today, Meg and I are heading upstate to the Culinary Institute of America, where I will pester culinary students with inane questions and sample their cooking at one of the CIA restaurants. Yay! Report tomorrow.

Side note: Meg, the best friend evah, just brought me a plum ginger scone from Two Little Red Hens bakery. Oh. My. God.


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how lucky you are !!
My BFF was in new-york last may (I was supposed to be there with her but DH cracked his knee and I got to play nurse instead, awesome !) and she went to the Magnolia Bakery. I know their cupacakes are probably overrated but for us, poor french, going to the this bakery is like going to the cupcake sanctuary.
Of course she had to taste every kind they had (she did it for me she said... Right!). Since she couldn't bring me the actual cupcake she gave me the bakery cookbook... which was very sweet of her.
Ok, all that just to say I'm very envious. Keep eating all this gorgeaous food and blog about it PLEASE. And don't hesitate to post pictures !!LOL

Sounds like so much fun. So happy you're in my neck of the woods. Email me!

Emmanuelle - Whatever you've heard, however built up they are, NOTHING could make a Magnolia cupcake overrated. They will never disappoint you. They are eternal and divine!

Kwana - Hope I get to see you while I'm here!

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