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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blog Tour: Murder She Writes

I know, I'm such a gaddabout! I promise, tomorrow I'll be right back here at home base, talking about what we had for dinner last night or something--but today! Today, I'm over at one of my favorite blogs, Murder She Writes, where such romantic suspense luminaries as Roxanne St. Claire, Allison Brennan, Debra Webb, and Toni McGee Causey come together to discuss life, love, and plotting. These ladies are sharp--I had to bring my 'A' game for this one! Come see.

And comment for a chance to win a CStH apron, spatulas, and a signed copy of the book!


I just finished Can't Stand the Heat and immediately looked you up on Google. I read that this is your first novel and I have to say how impressed I am. I am also disappointed because I can't go find more of your books to read! :)I am a voracious reader and picked your book up yesterday. I literally could not put it down. I hated when I had to go to work today because I didn't have time to read. Your characters were great and I loved everything about the story. How long will we have to wait until your next one in this series?

What a lovely comment! CStH was a true labor of love to write, so it makes me very happy to hear that you enjoyed it. The best place to find info about my upcoming books is my website,'ll also find deleted scenes from CStH, free reads, videos, all kinds of good stuff! And if you enter your info on the Contest page, you'll be signed up for my newsletter.

The 2nd Recipe for Love novel is ON THE STEAMY SIDE, and it will be out in March 2010!

Two of my favorite and books! YAy. Cant wait to pick this up.

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