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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rainy Day

Rain is pouring outside, which has prompted Stinger and me to curl up with steaming cups of coffee and the New York Times real estate section. That's right, we're looking at apartment porn.

Don't judge us.

My current favorite place is a 2-bedroom loft on Elizabeth St., on the east edge of SoHo. It's a great location, slightly off the beaten path of wild SoHo too-cool-for-you nightlife, but close enough to have access to everything fun. Steps from Vesuvius Bakery, Balthazar, Dean & Deluca, and of course, Cafe Habana, the best Cuban hole-in-the-wall in New York. On weekends, the line stretches around the block and people, even celebrities, wait hours to get into the tiny restaurant. This was the place where I saw a guy with the typical boho hair and dark aviators, dressed all slacker chic, totally hot in a scruffy way, and I thought, "Is that Johnny Knoxville? Oh, probably not, just a lookalike." Until he got up to pay and I saw his belt buckle: an enormous, ornate thing with 'Knoxville' engraved on it. So yeah!

I miss New York.


Oh, that takes me back. One of my girlfriend's lived in this old run down loft that was one street down from CBGB's and we used to sit on the window ledge watching the stragglers stumble out in the early morning hours. Man, that place was a dump. lol

real estate porn? lol

The place sounds perfect. I'm curious to know what it would cost for a 2 bedroom down there. 2 mil? 1.5?

I love Cafe Habana! Seth and I read the NYT RE every weekend. Love to know we're not the only ones.

So when you coming to NY?

Jen, I think we're planning a trip in March, but I'll keep you posted!

Kwana, the stuff we were looking at was in the 1.5 to 2.5 range. Waaay out of our league, but fun to dream about!

KP, I still think you need to write a memoir of your years in NY. You had a crazy life there!

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