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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Extreme Makeover Artist and General All Around Diva Goddess Kristen Painter has redesigned my blog! Is it not the most fabulous thing you ever saw? I actually, literally, gasped aloud the first time the page loaded up and I caught sight of those deliciously naughty figs.

Now, this talented lady is a wonderful writer, currently in the midst of a smashing hot urban fantasy type story which I'm desperate for her to finish so I can see how it turns out--but I think we can all agree that she has a second career waiting in the wings, just in case.

Thank you, dahling! My new, tasty blog look will inspire me to bigger and better things in the kitchen and on the page.


I'm just happy to have something more interesting to look at when I stop by. LOL So glad you like it!

Now, I must get back to that book. I'd like to know how it ends too.

this is fantastic!

Yay! I can't stop looking at it and fussing with it. My blog list is longer than ever...

Can I make a suggestion? Do separate blog lists - Food, Writers, etc.

Wow! What a great look! Great work, Kristen:)

KP - I don't know how to break it into separate lists. Gee, if only I knew someone smart and techno-savvy...

Make separate lists by creating a new widget for each topic. Does that make sense?

It takes my breath away! Are they shallots down the side? YUMMY!!!!

They're figs...glorious, juicy, too sexy to be believed FIGS! I love them. Kristen knows just how much.

It looks fantastic. I told her she could be a blog designer. I love it.

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