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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You Fool, You Really Thought That Was The End?

Actually, so did I. But, unbelievably, I forgot to mention the final two celebrity sightings of our trip! They happened bam bam, one right after the other as we were leaving the hotel. First Josh Lucas, of Sweet Home Alabama fame, was having a serious-looking meeting in the lobby with some faceless person who totally paled into the background beside Josh's rugged, boyish good looks. Although I'll admit I couldn't remember his name right away. I sure recognized those dimples, though! Yowza.

The second sighting occurred after we got into our car with all our luggage and started driving down Mercer. Like every other semi-fashionable street downtown (and some uptown--I once bought two fabulous silk pashminas for $5 each right outside Bergdorf Goodman, where I'd just been inside bemoaning the $600 price tag on the wrap I wanted), Mercer is dotted with street vendors selling everything from hats to handmade jewelry to knockoff designer bags. Glancing out the car window, I noticed the young, pretty girls behind a table of wire bracelets and necklaces grinning like mad and waving. I looked to see who they were waving at, and it was a husky young man in a funny, beatnik hat, all scruffy and kind of Sunday-morning-after-a-rough-Saturday-night, who turned and smiled and waved back. Then it clicked. It was the fat kid from Superbad! And Accepted! I love that kid! Sadly, didn't know his name, at the time, although now I do, so I won't call him "that fat kid" anymore. Especially since he's only four years younger than I am. Jonah Hill, I love you, don't ever change. Wear that goofy hat, and make lots more movies, because you totally rule.

And that (finally) concludes my adventures in New York. But we'll be back again in May! So stay tuned.


you really are my hero. You saw, IN PERSON, 3 of my favorite actors. Sigh.

Josh Lucas is a babe.

Clive and Josh both???? I now officially hate you;)

I just watched Accepted last nigh!

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