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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Blast from the Past

Facebook is a strange and wonderful thing. Since I joined a few weeks ago, at the urging of several friends, I've been contacted by people from high school that I don't even remember. Which is kind of embarrassing. But we didn't have a ten-year reunion, at least, not one that I knew about, so it's been a legitimately long time since I've seen or thought about most of my high school class. But I've gotten back in touch with some of my closest girl friends, as well as the freshman boy we semi-adopted and carted around everywhere with us and it's all been very nice. Then this morning, I got a friend request from the first boy I ever kissed.

Wow. I haven't thought about this guy in years. I was (shamefully enough) 14 before I got my first real kiss (defined as "with tongue") and although we exchanged phone numbers after and struggled through a couple of awkward conversations, it was clear that whatever spark we'd had that one moonlit night had run its meager course. The story goes like this: we were auditioning for the school musical, which, at my high school, was a serious big deal. Many of the cool kids were involved in theater; it wasn't just a dork thing to do. I was still working on finding my self confidence, and I thought maybe I'd look around for it onstage. Unfortunately, it turns out that in order to do well in an audition, a smidge of self confidence is necessary up front. So I didn't do all that well, and didn't make it into our version of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. What I did get out of it was Ernesto Lasen taking me out behind the school and kissing me. Ernesto was a good guy (still is, I'm sure), although I have no idea how much experience he had before me. Some, at least, because he was much struck by the idea that he was my first kiss. I remember he thought it was cool, because it meant I'd remember him forever.

And, with a little prompting, I do! Enough to be fascinated that his Facebook profile lists him as living in Hawaii and married. There are also several indications that he might be a bit of a stoner.

So that's my first kiss. Anyone want to share your story?


No first kiss story, but I recently contacted two guy friends from high school who wrote back to say, "Do I know you?"

Um. Do I look that different from high school? Apparently, I do.

Looks like I started young. My first kiss (sans tongue) was in Kindergarten from Sarah Burch. I thought she was a boy because she had short hair and was dressed in a sailor's uniform. She kissed me on the playground and we were best friends until 8th grade. I wonder what she's doing now.

Hmmm... I don't really have a good first kiss story, either, but I do have a facebook story that involves a kiss...

One of the first friend requests I got when I joined Facebook came from a guy, two years younger, who, as it happens, I also knew from the musicals at high school. I beat him out for the role of Oliver that frankly, as a skinny boy at the time, he'd have played more convincingly than me. I was a seventeen year-old girl at the time and required some elastic bandages to squash down the boobage.

Anyway... one of my strongest memories of this guy was him kissing me. Full on kissing me with tongue at a very unexpected time and he wasn't someone I'd even vaguely noticed in a sexual way before that.

The first thing I wondered when he found me on facebook was, "is he married?" So I looked. Answer... yes. To someone named Matt. LOL.

Wow. There's a strong, slashy vibe going on with these kiss stories. I like it! Jen and Maureen totally qualify, and Kristen, you and I will be sharing a bed come May, so that counts, too.

14? I guess I was a late bloomer. I had my first real kiss at 16 (age I was allowed to date). Honestly, I thought he was trying to lick my face at first (I was so nervous I had no idea he was trying to stick his tongue in my mouth!)

His name is Carl and he's now married to one of my best friends:)

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