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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Open Letter to My To Do List

Dear To Do List,

It's been a while. I know the number of items has become cumbersome and annoying. But I've got to tell you, I wouldn't drag my feet so much if you'd do your part to make sure that those items didn't each take about five times as long as they need to. Right? I mean, today. I have all these errands to run, and rather than borrowing $5 from my wallet, as he meant to, my husband accidentally threw my whole purse into his car and drove to work with it. Which necessitated me first searching all over the house for my purse, then panicking, thinking I'd left it at Panera yesterday, before finally twigging to the most probable location--Nick's car.

Once I'd driven all the way to his office to retrieve it, I attempted to get back on schedule by picking up the dry cleaning. Should be a quick, easy one, right? Wrongo. The dry cleaners had lost my laundry. After much one-fingered typing by my overly manicured helper, it was discovered that they'd merely been labeled as belonging to a different customer. Great. Good thing that guy didn't come to pick up his dry cleaning in the last few days! See what I mean, To Do List? Bush league.

The last item I attempted today was to remove the ancient, enormous steel freezer from the basement of our old house. Okay, okay, to oversee the removal of the freezer (like I'm going to haul it out of there myself, get real) by several professionals. Only the professionals turned out to be more like a Marx Brothers routine than anything else, and the entire thing dragged on for about two hours. One freezer. Four guys. The freezer almost won.

So you see, To Do List, it's not my fault that *Buy a dry erase wall calendar and some staples from Staples (ha!)*, *Make a decision on upholstery for couch*, *Buy tickets to Virginia for Mama's retirement party*, and *Finish novel* are yet to be addressed. But don't you worry; next time I have a spare nine hours with nothing planned, I'll be sure to get back to crossing things off you.

Hugs and kisses,


You make me laugh. I heart you.

Hey, that's what I was going for! To make Kristen laugh. I win!

It's staggering how everyday things can suck your life dry. Scary.

Loved the image for the Marx Brothers freezer removal service.

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