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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Home Office

I'm in business! My home office furniture was delivered this morning, at long last, and I'm typing this post from my aerie at the top of the house, behind my big, beautiful new desk. Here are a couple of pictures, one overview, one detail. Don't expect my desk to ever look quite this clean again.

Yes, that IS a startling blue on the walls, isn't it? I've since learned that paint colors look darker when they're spread over an entire room than they do on the chip. I'd sort of heard that before, but I guess I didn't believe it, or something, because my attempt to paint my office a light French blue ended up like...well, as you see. Not so light. I decided to keep it, though. It's cheery and bright (very bright!), and the furniture is dark, so the contrast is nice. And if, after a few months, it starts to drive me slowly insane, I'll change it. As my mama always says, it's only paint. If you don't like it, paint over it.

Which is actually decent life advice, too, when you think about it.


Ooooh, no, I like it! Like being inside a Tiffany box, which is, as we all know, far superior to spending time inside that tourist trap of a store. Me likey!

Well, we should expect some serious production out of you now. Very nice set up! I like that blue. I think once you have stuff on the walls it will break it up a bit too. But your mom's right - you can always repaint.

Lovely. And I adore that blue. It's Louisa Blue. Perfect.

Yeah, rather than drive me bananas, it's actually kind of growing on me. But I do need some stuff for the walls. NY, here I come!

Love it! I'm jealous that there's no clutter. You should see my war zone :)

Ah, but I didn't post the pictures of the half-unpacked boxes in the corner. Will we ever be done moving in? Sometimes it doesn't feel like it.


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