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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Diving Deep

I'm going under, diving into my writing to get some progress made on this book before Thanksgiving. I'll try to check in and let you all know how it's going, but it might be sporadic! Internet, it turns out, is a BIG distraction for me. Who knew?

Try not to miss me too much. In the meantime, enjoy this brand spanking new My Chemical Romance song: My Chemical Romance at Myspace Music 

I'm already in love with it, and I'm hoping it'll keep me going as I attempt to bang out some chapters of Some Like it Hot...what music gets you moving and shaking?


I can always count on Jimmy Buffett music to get me going. Now if I want something mellow I go with Basia who I'll be seeing Monday night at One World Theater! I can't wait!

Have a great time at the show! How fun.

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